Reviewing Drug and Addiction Statistics in Kids over the Past 20 Years


The drug and addiction were not so common in the past but over the past 20 years it has become very common and it has affected many people with its harmful effects. And it has not only affected the adults but it has also affected the kids at a fast speed. The last decade was a lot difficult for the kids where a huge number of kids suffered from the drug addiction.

In today’ world, the choice of a harmful disease or choice of a healthy life are the only options that we have. Unfortunately, most of the people do not understand this reality and they jump into the dangerous world of drugs without worrying about the results. The kids are becoming a victim of this problem because their minds aren’t developed yet and they cannot decide when it comes to talking about the good and bad habits.

The drug suppliers are constantly targeting the kids because they know that these kids are going to be an important part of the chain they are focused on creating. Thus, these kids will be helping them in generating a lot of benefits. Today, we will talk about some statistics that will determine that how kids have suffered from the drug addiction over the past 20 years.

You need to protect your kids from this issue so that they may spend a healthy life. Here is some information about the drug addiction statistics in kids over the past 20 years.

According to a recent survey, more than 46 percent kids in the US are addicted to different kinds of drugs. It’s just because of a sudden increase in the production of different plants that are used for this purpose. The students can now easily gain access to the different drugs while the Government is still trying to stop the sale of these drugs.

The problem is that the latest means of communication have contributed in persuading the kids to use these drug substances. The kids believe that they look really cool when they are using these drugs. Over the past 20 years, the drug addiction has surprisingly increased the kids are becoming a bigger victim of this fastest growing issue.

The parents are not spending more time with their kids due to which the kids feel very lonely and they start becoming friends with people that put a serious impact on their thoughts. These friends are usually connected with the drug suppliers and they gradually take these kids towards the drug consumption. So, you need to make sure that your kids spend most of their time in the good habits so that they may not become a victim of drug abuse. Click Here and find more information about drugs and addiction statistics in kids over the past 20 years.

Funny Gifts You Can Get Hunters – Scooters Included


The hunters are considered to be very aggressive, therefore, most of the people think about some serious options when they are trying to buy some gifts for a hunter. But the hunters also have a very good sense of humor and they like to have gifts that may make them feel happy. If you are looking to purchase a serious kind of gift for a hunter, then you must change your opinion this time and try to find something funny that may make them feel happy.

If you are confused about finding a funny gift for a hunter, then you must continue reading our article because here we are going to talk about several funny gifts that you can purchase for the hunters. We have tried to find the gifts that won’t hurt the feelings of your hunter friend and they would also feel very happy after receiving such an amazing gift.

We have only brought information about the gifts that you can purchase at very affordable rates. Here is some important information about the funny gifts that you can get for the hunters.

Funny camera

Buying a funny camera doesn’t mean that you need to write a joke on a paper and then paste it on the camera but you need to buy a camera that looks really funny. You may consider buying a camera that is shaped like a bird. This may sound strange but there are many cameras that are shaped liked birds and they are specially designed for the people that are looking to give a gift to their hunter friend.

If you don’t have any idea about where to find such cameras, you can simply run an online search or you can also visit your nearby gift shop to find these cameras.

A scooter

You can also consider buying the funny scooter as gifts for your hunter friend if you want to surprise them. There are many different kinds of scooters available these days. You can choose to buy the one that is available in the stores or you can also get it customized according to your needs. You can hire an expert painter to draw the shapes of different birds and animals on the scooter so that it may look more funny and humorous.

 A closed gun

The artists keep making fun of the guns by applying several ideas. So, you can easily find a closed gun from the gift shop. The gun won’t have an opening and it would work as a decoration piece for the hunter. The hunter would definitely hang that gun in his home and he would remember you all the time for giving him such an incredible gift.

How much does sleep affect student performance?


The students are the future of a country as they are going to become a most important part of the society in future and they will also lead the future generation. Most of the times, people want their kids to obtain better grades so that they can become successful in their life. This is not completely true because there are many failures that became more successful than the position holders.

The most important thing that parents should focus on is that their kids learn some new and informative things every day. The grades are not going to decide the future of your kids. However, the knowledge they are getting today would definitely make special effects on their future. So, the parents and the teachers should focus on improving the knowledge of the students instead of forcing them to become machines.

The concept that the students with good grades can become successful in their life is the most important reason that has lead many students to act like machines. That’s why most of the students do not even think for a while before compromising on their sleep. The students compromise on their sleep believing that it will help them obtain good marks and they will be able to become successful.

The parents and teachers should play an important role in changing this concept so the students can feel relaxed and take a good night sleep. Here is some information on how sleep can affect the performance of students.

Improved mental strength

Sleeping at night is extremely important for our mental health. The scientists have proven that every student should sleep for at least 8 hours in a day as it helps in maintaining the functions of their mind. A healthy mind would definitely help in building a healthy and active body. Therefore, the environment where students sleep should be completely comfortable so it can help in putting their mind at ease.

The equipment that students use in their bedroom may also affect their sleep. So, the students consider using the adjustable mattress and a high loft pillow to improve the quality of their sleep as it will help in improving their mental health.

Boosts learning speed

When the students take proper sleep at night, their mind gets completely fresh and it gets ready to absorb some new information. Thus, proper sleep would definitely help in boosting the learning speed of the students. Being a student, you should set a proper schedule for sleeping at the time so that you may learn more things in a more effective way.

Bad grades

Most of the students do not study throughout the semester and on the night before the exam, they stay awake throughout the night believing that they would complete the entire course in one night only. It does not help them at all and they cannot remember anything properly. This is what leads them to poor grades in the exams. The students should sleep properly during the exams so that they can attempt the questions that they have prepared. Click here and see why sleep is important for students.

How not getting enough sleep can affect your success in the exam period


We all know how exam period can be exhausting for students, especially for those who want to keep up with the tests and get the best grades possible. The intensity of the tasks usually takes away a lot of time for rest and sleep. And we all know the stories about how having too little sleep can affect your overall success at school, at least.


In today’s post, I want to get into the ways of how not getting enough sleep can affect your success during the exam period and what can you do about it.

#Affects your concentration

Students usually tend to switch day and night, especially if they’re into the exam period. Thinking that they could get the advantage necessary to pass the exams, student sacrifices their sleeping hours. Although this “method” can provide the quick success, it’s not so successful in the long run. After a few days of not sleeping well, your concentration levels will start to drop – you won’t be able to keep your thoughts together, nor you’re ready to stand the pressure you’re facing during the exams.

#Blures your focus

When you caught your sleeping hours, your body and mind will feel it. At first, you will be able to handle it – after all, you’re young enough to manage stress and exhaustion well. However, you’ll slowly start to lose your focus; you won’t be able to think straight because you’ll be thinking about the fact that you’re sleepy and you need a rest.

#Makes you too emotional

When you’re not sleeping well, or you’re sleeping insufficient, your emotional state is affected by the lack of sleep. Your hormonal balance changes due to the irregular sleeping pattern, which means that your body feels the effects of hormonal disbalance through different sets of emotions and states. Besides feeling moody, you can experience a rollercoaster of feelings, from tears to laughter.mysleepyferret

#Affects your health

In most cases, the lack of quality sleep will affect your health, as well. The problems with the immune system can lead to having more chances to catch a cold, a virus, or some other medical condition that can be prevented if you made your sleeping a regular and quality activity.

If you still think that having less sleep than recommended – from 8 to 10 hours of quality, non-disturbed night sleep – is going to help you pass the exams with good grades, think about the price you have to pay for it. There are still some other ways you can achieve good results without compromising your sleep. Avoid staying up too late – the optimal time to go to bed is around 10 pm. Reduce the caffeine intake, especially in the afternoon. That will help you fall asleep faster. Finally, make sure you’re having the right support for your back and neck. Choose the mattress and the pillow that will help your body relax. For the best deals on the beds, check out a mysleepyferret website.

Tips for college students to get through tough subjects like calculus


College students are in a phase of life when everybody wants to have some fun and entertainment with friends but the problem is that it is the only time when they can build a better future for them. The entertaining nature of these students cannot usually collaborate with the college studies as they want to learn everything in an entertaining while the college studies are so much tough that they cannot be taught in a way they want.

Students like to have some fun while studying and they also want to crack jokes during a lecture but there are some most complicated and tough subjects where you feel so much exhausted that you cannot even think of cracking a joke. Calculus is one of the toughest subjects that students do not like to study in the college.

“Will you please Do my calculus homework for me” is a very common request that many college students make to their friends and family members because it’s not easy to understand the difficulties of this subject. But have you ever thought about the students that always complete their calculus homework on their own without asking anyone to do their job for them?

These are the students that are aware of the tips and tricks that are very helpful in making tough subjects very easy for them. These students do not have any supernatural powers to understand the difficulties of Calculus but they know the way of dealing with these difficulties properly.

You can also learn the ways of overcoming these difficulties by reading the following tips. Here are some amazing tips that will make calculus easier for you.

Buy the helpful notebooks

There are many experts that have designed several notebooks for students that face difficulties in completing their Calculus homework. These notebooks are specially designed to help them understand the basics of this subject. You can take a look at the recent lessons before going to the college so that you can ask several questions from the teacher if you face any difficulty in completing an exercise.

The beauty of these notebooks is that they are designed in a fun and entertaining way because experts are aware of the difficulties of this subject.

Taking help from the internet

The internet is the best source of information. You can learn anything you want from the internet. There are plenty of calculus lectures and videos available online that are designed for students of different standards. You can choose the lectures of your standard and then start learning the difficulties of this subject. The lectures are designed in a way that you can easily understand all the difficulties of this subject.

Ask your friend

Instead of asking your friend to do your homework for you, you may ask him to help you understand the exercises where you’re facing difficulties. The benefit of learning from a friend is that the friend understands your nature and he can explain things according to your taste. Click here and see how can you understand the difficulties of this subject in an easier way.

Examining the best colleges in Oahu Hawaii for the surfer student


Surfing is one of the most exciting and adventurous sports of the world. There are a few people in the world who believe that surfing becomes easier for you if you’re a good swimmer but there are plenty of important things that you need to understand before you jump into this sport. Surfing isn’t as easy as it appears to be. You need to take proper training if you want to give a try to this sport.

When it comes to learning the surfing, nothing can be better than the tours in Oahu, Hi because you find a lot of colleges where you can learn the surfing. There are different camps that you can join in Oahu that are organized by several colleges.

This helps you learn this sport from the expert professionals. There are lots of experts in Oahu that have years of experience in this sport and they can teach you the sport in a more professional way.

In this article, we’re going to share some important information about the lessons that you can attend when you go to visit Oahu.

Sunset Suzy’s Surf Lessons

Suzy is a very friendly and helpful trainer. She makes people happy by teaching them the sport in a friendly way. This is one of the most remarkable things about learning this sport from Suzy because she doesn’t deal you as a customer but as a friend. This is going to be one of the most exciting experiences that you’re going to have in Hawaii.

She provides you the complete instructions about staying safe and she helps you have lots of fun. They help you do your best to navigate the waves and they also help you feel comfortable by providing you satisfactory support. You can even bring your kids with you to learn this sport because they provide different services for kids of different age.

Kai Salla’s Pro surf school

They provide you the outstanding services to help you learn the way to surf. The fundamentals are easy for you to understand when you go to Kai Salla for learning this sport. The instructors encourage everyone to take part in this sport and they remain extremely friendly with all the students. The way they encourage their students helps you understand all the important things about this sport quickly and efficiently.

Hans Hedemann Surf School

They have lots of instructors that provide complete support to all the students. They provide the proper instruction and they help you stay safe during the learning process. They help you get rid of the fear of fish and ocean by providing you the proper instructions and support.

What can you do with a real estate degree?


People often get confused when they are going to buy a new property. They need a reliable estate agent who can guide them and help them understand several aspects of the property which is for great advantage for their future investment.

Have you ever thought what you can do with your real estate degree? Other than the business you can contribute greatly to a society. Let’s have a look at what you can do with your degree.


A real estate agent’s duty is just not to search for the building but to inspect the place as well. A person who is passionate about this field will understand how much they can do with this degree.

You can apply for the job of a building inspector. Different companies who like to invest in old places need an inspector who can tell them about the structure of the building and the worth of a place.


You can help students who want to be a real estate agent and want to start their own work. You can start your classes and provide education to the less fortunate students who want to do something in life but they don’t have enough facilities.

You can start giving lectures to the people who want to be in this field even you can apply for the lecturer job in any college or university who are offering this course. This is going to be a really respectable job for you.


You can open your own real estate agency and be a surveyor. In this way, you can grab more contracts. With the help of real estate degree, you are going to take a tour of a whole area without any problem.

If you are going to be a surveyor then you can start having personal clients and can sell properties at a good rate. With the help of your degree, you are going to establish a great business and you can compete in a market.


We all have seen how old buildings start getting damaged due to no maintenance for a long time. What do you need to do when you are responsible for taking care of the buildings and when you have a real estate degree?

In this case, you should go take help from the damage control officer. It’ll be your responsibility to inform the authorities about the old buildings which are dangerous for the public and for the safety of people.


What is best than being an entrepreneur? If you have a degree from the university of Texas real estate, then you should definitely be an entrepreneur and you can start working in your area.

If you don’t have enough resources to get an office, then you can start from helping people who have small homes and need someone’s help to sell the place. You can help them and get your fees. In this way, you can expand your work easily and become an entrepreneur in the future.

What to look for when hiring a tutor?


Hiring a good tutor is one of the most important things which can have a huge impact on the future grades of your kid. It is a fact that every student who has some good grades on his result card doesn’t qualify for the title of a good tutor.

Though every tutor has his own method of teaching and it is absolutely irrelevant to compare two teachers with each other, there are some common traits that define a good tutor.

If you are looking to hire a tutor for your kid, here are some amazing tips for you to select the best tutor who can really make a difference in the study life of your child.

Command on Subject

According to Tutors Brisbane, this is probably the most important parameter to observe while selecting a tutor. All other qualities come after that. You can find a quiz on the internet easily and can give a test to all the candidates to choose the best among them.

So, a rock star teacher will have the best results in the test. For example, if you are hiring for chemistry, you can search on google about quizzes related to chemistry and you can give that quiz as a test to the candidates.


This is a tricky one because not every candidate can have the related experience of teaching and it also depends upon your requirements.

For example, if you are hiring a tutor for 9th grade, you can easily ask the candidate about his teaching experience and you can arrange an interview to know more about him.

But if you are hiring a tutor for Mechanical Engineering, for example, you would want to choose the guy who would have some industrial experience because practical exposure matters a lot in this case.

One year to two years of experience is great because with that kind of experience you get a passionate teacher.

The people who are tutoring for 10 years may have a better experience but they may lose the passion which is really important for home tuition.


Empathy is way different than sympathy and that’s why it is recommended for the selection of great tutor. You should look for someone who can step into the shoes of your kid and can really understand what the child is struggling with.

If a teacher doesn’t know the weak zone of a student, he could never improve the child’s performance.

What you can do with a college degree in Urban Planning?


In cities and regions, urban planning concerns the enhancement and maintenance of the quality of life for people. A multi-disciplinary approach is required for it and it includes social factors, economics, assessment, environmental planning, and population and geography studies.

Degree in Urban Planning

Architects and planners collaborate with each other in the development projects, therefore, urban planning is found within architecture departments.

The healthy and thriving cities need to continue functioning well with careful planning, therefore, urban planning is an important field.

There are certain areas where graduates of urban planning can offer their services such as consulting firms, land development firms, community service organizations, private industry, government agencies, or schools.

Degree in Urban Planning

There are various kinds of job opportunities available for graduates with a degree in urban planning. Some planners come up with plans by working with developers and politicians and attending town meetings. Others try to determine the type of development needed by conducting research and analysis.

Some planners work to reduce or remediate the environmental effects that are caused by the planning projects, and some of them work to create natural spaces within urban areas such as parks. Some planners design the effective transportation systems.

We’ve created a list of the jobs where graduates of urban planning can go to provide their services. Keep in the mind that all the organizations prefer experience when hiring the Urban planners. Let’s take a look at the list of jobs where urban planners can work.

  • Entry-Level community Planner
  • Planner
  • Community Development Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Planner
  • Senior Urban Designer
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Transportation and Community Development
  • Principal Transportation Planner
  • Senior Landscape Architect
  • Transportation Planner

These are some of the famous and well-known opportunities where urban developers can offer their services.

We hope that now you would be able to find a suitable work position for you that will help you build a valuable career.

Reasons why urban planning is important for cities


For city leaders, urban planning is a valuable source of achieving sustainable development. It can help them bring a difference; It informs them about balancing demands, services investments, and infrastructure for the growth so that they may make most out of the municipal budgets.

City leaders can bring constructive changes with the help of proper planning.

A planned city is a well-prepared city

City leaders can prepare today for the future problems by anticipating the future. City leaders are ready to manage risks and see opportunities from a vantage point by staying ahead of challenges.

Importance of Urban Planning

They can make the connections between short-term actions and long-term vision with the reliable information that they have about the current situation. On the contrary, we can see the lack of progress in cities that don’t plan for their future.

Planning improves impact

Delivering improvement is the main reason why local leaders are elected. Successful cities undertake priority projects to build momentum. It is easy to identify the pressing issues and available resources with proper planning. Urban planning is also good for making sure that initiatives are not going in the alternative directions.

Urban economy is positively affected by the Urban Planning

For local leaders, it is a priority to make sure that there are numerous job opportunities available in the city. Cities compete with a focus on producing economic activity to attract investment.

A suitable urban form is very important

Some key concerns for urban dwellers are accessibility, employment, housing, and safety. There is a great connection between urban form and these topics.

City leaders can create a difference in delivering the quality of life with the right policies on public space, land use, density, the layout of services and infrastructure.

Cities can build lasting relationships with a collectively held plan

Engaging all the possible contributions towards urbanization is essential for the city leaders that capable of watching opportunity in urbanization. Local leaders get a road map to mobilize partners, energize departments and reach out to citizens with the help of collectively held framework so that they may realize the vision.