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Located in the heart of Manhattan, Hunter University is focused on providing quality education regarding urban planning so that they produce new graduates that can help in the development of different cities and states.

Hunter University

It is considered among the oldest public colleges in the country because it was founded in 1870. In more than 170 areas of study, Hunter University is pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Hunter offers master’s programs in biomedical laboratory management, education, nutrition, speech-language pathology, nursing, accounting and all the liberal arts.

In this website, you’ll get to know different aspects and benefits of Urban planning. You’ll also get to know that how urban planning can be a better solution for the improvement and development of your city and country.

Urban planning is a fastest growing field and there are a lot of graduates who’re working out there and there are many undergraduate and graduate students who are struggling to build a better future for their country.

If you’re interested in Urban planning, we encourage you to continue with it because it is not only good for you but for your country as well.

Author:Franklin Clark