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Dual-Degree Programs

Students with multiple professional interests may wish to pursue joint degree programs with other New York City universities. A joint MUP/JD degree is available through a cooperative program with Brooklyn Law School. For more information, see below.


Brooklyn Law School and Hunter Urban Policy & Planning jointly sponsor a program leading to the degrees of Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Urban Planning (MUP).

Urban planners often turn to the legal profession for implementation of their work, and lawyers seek planners’ advice in identifying present and future land use choices and regarding other development issues for public and private clients. Individuals with credentials in both areas are increasingly sought as advisors for urban policy makers and clients with urban land problems. This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and background necessary to practice both professions.

Students must be apply and be accepted to both programs separately. Hunter College admits students for either the fall or spring semester. Students typically spend their first year at BLS, followed by one year at Hunter College, and then the remaining time integrating studies by registering concurrently in both schools. Advisors at both institutions, however, will work directly with individual students to devise the most appropriate plan of study.

Students can pursue an MUP/JD on a full or part-time basis. In the MUP/JD joint program, a student may receive up to 10 of the 86 credits required for the JD degree by successfully completing approved course work in the MUP program. Similarly, a student may receive up to 15 of the 60 credits for the MUP degree by successfully completing approved law school courses. Students enrolled in the law school’s full-time program may complete the requirements for both degrees in four to five years, depending on the number of summer courses. If pursued on a part-time basis, the program generally takes five to six years to complete depending on the number of summer courses. With approval, the MUP degree may be awarded in advance of the JD degree; otherwise, degrees are awarded concurrently upon completion of all degree requirements.

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Author:Franklin Clark