03.24.2014 | UAP Chair Joseph P. Viteritti’s new book on the Lindsay administration

    Professor Joseph P. Viteritti’s new book on the legacy of the Lindsay administration, Summer in the City: John Lindsay, New York, and the American Dream, was celebrated last week at a conference hosted by the Public Policy Institute of Roosevelt House. Hunter College President Jennifer Raab gave introductory remarks prior to Professor Viteritt’s keynote address. Sam Roberts of the New York Times and Errol Louis of NY1 moderated panel discussions with former Lindsay aides including Jay Kriegel and Ronnie Eldridge, and urban history scholars including Vincent Cannato and Lizabeth Cohen.

    Each chapter of Summer in the City: John Lindsay, New York, and the American Dream covers a distinct aspect of Lindsay’s mayoralty (politics, race relations, finance, public management, architecture, economic development, and the arts). The book is an honest portrait of Lindsay and the prospects for shaping more balanced public priorities as New York City ushers in a new era of progressive leadership.

    Professor Viteritti’s book was mentioned in The New York Times and Crain’s, and also featured on NY1 and CUNY TV.

    03.22.2014 | UAP Professor Matthew G. Lasner recognized for outstanding scholarship with Feliks Gross Award

    The CUNY Academy for the Humanities and Sciences awarded Matthew G. Lasner the 2014 Feliks Gross Endowment Award. This honor is presented each year to two junior faculty members in the CUNY system who, through their research, show exceptional promise for contributing to their field, the university, and academia.

    03.21.2014 | Mitchell J. Silver, Hunter MUP alum, named NYC Parks Commissioner

    Congratulations to Mitch Silver, MUP alum and former APA president, on his recent appointment to NYC Parks Commissioner! Silver, a Brooklyn native, was most recently the Chief Planning & Development Officer and Planning Director for the City of Raleigh, North Carolina. Previously, in NYC, Silver served as planning and policy specialist for the Manhattan Borough President’s office, and as a city planner. Silver played a central role as an expert consultant in the formulation of the “Harlem-on-the-River” 197-A plan, which materialized into the plan for Harlem Piers Park, redesigning a site originally pegged for a hotel development and turning it into a $20 million park.

    Silver has written and spoken extensively about the need to integrate city planning and public health policy, the expansion of green spaces and recreational facilities, and the implementation of educational campaigns promoting walking and other outdoor activities. He was President of the American Planning Association, has been named one of the Top 100 City Innovators in the World by UBM Future Cities, and was named one of the top international thought leaders of the built environment by Urban Times.

    02.07.2014 | NYC cycling study by Hunter UAP Prof William Milczarski finds increase in safety measures and more female riders

    According to a recent report by Hunter UAP Professor William Milczarski and Professor Peter Tuckel (Sociology), New Yorkers on bikes are riding safer than they were 4 years ago. They are also proportionally more female.

    The study, “Bike Lanes + Bike Share = Bike Safety” looked at the behavior of 4,316 bicyclists at 98 different locations in central and lower Manhattan. The researchers compared the resulting data to what they found in a similar, although not identical, survey in 2009. You can read the full report here

    02.03.2014 | “Keeping the Public in Public Housing,” new report issued by Hunter College CCPD

    The Hunter College Center for Community Planning and Development (CCPD) has released a new report, Keeping the Public in Public Housing, by Tom Angotti, Director and Professor of Urban Planning and Affairs, and Sylvia Morse, Fellow and Master of Urban Planning student. The report includes a look at the New York City Housing Authority, its controversial plans for private infill development and other NYCHA initiatives, and proposes policy directions for the future. On Friday, January 31, Tom and Sylvia presented the report at the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College. They were joined for a discussion on the report and the future of public housing by local elected officials, planning and housing professionals, researchers, and advocates, public interest law groups, and public housing residents.

    01.22.2014 | Hunter UAP alum writes article for urbanonmibus about Coney Island’s Residential Community

    In a recent article for, housing advocate and Hunter MUP alum Oksana Mironova investigates the planning policies and housing developments that have shaped the often-overlooked residential side of Coney Island and calls for investment in a neighborhood facing challenges of poverty, climate change, and affordability loss. Click here to read the full article, “West of Nathan’s: Planning Coney Island’s Residential Community.”

    01.19.2014 | Hunter UAP Studio’s plan for Harlem African Burial Ground gets noticed

    As reported in the New York Post, the MTA is considering relocating a bus depot that currently sits atop a 17th-Century African burial ground. The article refers to Hunter UAP’s Fall 2011 studio report, Reclaiming Cultural Heritage: A Plan for the Harlem African Burial Ground , which recommended relocation of the bus depot and identified three possible alternative sites. The report was the result of a four-month-long planning process to provide the Harlem African Burial Ground Task Force with a cohesive plan to memorialize the site. The plan outlined design guidelines, recommendations, strategies and future policies that were intended to assist the Task Force in their efforts to memorialize the burial ground and educate the public about its historical and cultural significance.

    12.20.2013 | Hunter UAP faculty and alumni in the news: see Full News Feed (below)

    It’s been an active time for our faculty and alumni in the news. Mark Levitan, who teaches courses on poverty and inequality at Hunter UAP, was featured in The New York Times for his work on redefining the poverty index.

    One of our alumni, Daniel Campo, recently published The Accidental Playground: Brooklyn Waterfront Narratives of the Undesigned and Unplanned, which was also featured in The New York Times as suggested reading for Bill de Blasio.

    Speaking of Bill de Blasio: we are happy to congratulate Lilliam Barrios Paoli, a former long-standing adjunct in our department, on her appointment as his deputy mayor.

    In other news, our own Peter Kwong, Distinguished Professor and noted expert on immigration policy, was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal on recent trends in NYC immigration.

    10.07.2013 | Hunter UAP professor Matt Lasner wins 2013 Cummings Prize for ‘High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century’

    Hunter UAP professor Matthew Lasner has been awarded the 2013 Abbott Lowell Cummings Prize for his recent book, High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century. According to the Vernacular Architecture Forum’s website, the prize is awarded to the publication that has “made the most significant contribution to the study of vernacular architecture and cultural landscapes… in judging the nominated books, jurors look for a publication that is based on primary research, emphasizes fieldwork, breaks new ground in interpretation or methodology, and contributes generally to the intellectual vitality of vernacular studies in North America.”

    09.10.2013 | Hunter UAP alum Daniel Campo (MUP ’97) publishes ‘The Accidental Playground’

    In his new book, The Accidental Playground, planner and professor Daniel Campo, a graduate of Hunter UAP’s graduate program in Urban Planning (’97), writes about the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal, a seven-acre abandoned rail yard on the East River waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which he studied over a 10-year period beginning in 2000. The book was recently reviewed in The Atlantic Cities.

    08.19.2013 | Issues of white poverty addressed by Hunter UAP professors Sigmund Shipp and Lynn McCormick, and MUP alum Mary Rocco (’09)

    Hunter UAP Professors Sigmund Shipp and Lynn McCormick, along with MUP alum Mary Rocco (’09), recently wrote an op-ed entitled White Poverty Must Be Good Poverty that was featured on the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute’s website. According to the article, “[t]he invisibility of white poverty is not a benign situation. The denial of white poverty has led to the social construction of the poor as being solely a person or family of color.”

    07.08.2013 | Professor Edwin Mélendez writes about work-related injury risk in the informal day-labor market

    An article coauthored by UAP Professor and Director of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies Edwin Mélendez has been accepted for publication by the journal International Migration and is currently available online. The article, Day Labourers’ Work Related Injuries: An Assessment of Risks, Choices, and Policies discusses the relationship between wages and the risk of work-related injury among Latino immigrants who find employment as day laborers in the US. According to the abstract, the authors find “a statistically significant wage premium [for jobs with higher levels of risk,] indicating that a risk-wage tradeoff within the day labour informal economy exists.” The authors propose that proper training, especially given through a formal “worker centre,” would mitigate some of the effects of the incentives toward higher-risk work present in the current system. They suggest that additional worker centers should be established to reach a higher percentage of day laborers.

    06.08.2013 | Professor Pablo Vengoechea works with SImagines to hold visioning workshops for the future of Staten Island

    On June 8th, SImagines held their third community visioning workshop, looking at the future of coastal neighborhoods along Staten Island’s South Shore in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Facilitated by Hunter UAP Professor Pablo Vengochea and 5 UAP students working as interns, among others collaborators, the charette brought members of the communities together with professional and academic experts to start imagining what a community vision for a sustainable, resilient Staten Island should include.

    A partnership between Hunter College UAP, the American Planning Association, and the Staten Island Chapter of the AIA, SImagines has held similar charettes for the East Shore and the North Shore. Read more here at the Staten Island Advance, follow SImagine’s Facebook page, or watch this video of the North Shore workshop.

    05.09.2013 | Professor Tom Angotti writes and speaks about potential development around public housing in NYC

    In a taped interview with Brian Lehrer and an article published by City Lights, Professor Tom Angotti discusses the New York Housing Authority’s plan to build market-rate housing on open land between public housing developments.

    05.07.2013 | Professor Elaine Walsh honored by the New York State Senate

    Elaine Walsh, UAP Professor and Director of the Public Service Scholar Program, was honored today as a “Woman of Distinction” by the New York State Senate. She was selected for the award by 28th District Senator Liz Krueger for her history as “a passionate and dedicated advocate in her community.” Citing her work with local organizations, her work in academia, and her career as a social worker, the award lauds both her professional accomplishments and her “selfless volunteerism.” Read the full award text here.

    04.22.2013 | Professor Peter Kwong writes in The Nation about the persistence of corruption in China

    In the April 22nd issue of The Nation, UAP Professor Peter Kwong writes about government corruption in China and the reasons it will persist despite its tendency to undermine the authority of the party amidst strengthening calls for democratic reform. Click here for the full article (subscription required).

    04.08.2013 | Hunter MUP student wins Paul LeClerc Award for Best Graduate Research Paper

    Sylvia Morse, a graduate student in the Urban Planning department, was awarded the top prize for graduate research papers at the 20th Annual Paul LeClerc Competition held by the Hunter College Library. Her paper, “Housing in Luanda, Angola: Challenges and Alternatives,” was written for Professor Owen Gutfreund’s class Cities in Developing Countries, offered by the Urban Affairs Department in the fall semester.

    04.06.2013 | Hunter MUP student to study pedestrian safety on Upper West Side

    Jeffry Peel, a graduate student in Urban Planning at Hunter UAP, is spearheading a new study that will examine pedestrian safety in a fast-growing section of the Upper West Side. Jeff is a community board fellow, funded through a grant from the Fund for the City of New York, for Community Board 7 in Manhattan. The study will weigh data as well as public input on how to make the neighborhood friendlier to pedestrians, focusing on the area between 94th and 100th streets from Riverside Drive to Central Park West. Planning student Paul Lozito is also featured in photos accompanying the article. Read more about it here.

    03.19.2013 | Professor Laxmi Ramasubramanian named American Council on Education Fellow for 2013-14

    Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Hunter UAP professor and President of the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, has been named to the 2013-14 class of fellows at the American Council of Education. She is one of just fifty fellows chosen from senior university positions to engage in the year-long program designed to prepare participants for future roles as leaders and administrators in the world of higher education. Learn more about the ACE Fellows program here.

    03.18.2013 | Hunter UAP alumna publishes article in The Cyprus Review

    Thomael M. Joannidis, MSUA ’06, recently published an article, Identity in Conflict: An Exploration of Gender across Ethnicity in Cyprus, in The Cyprus Review. As detailed in the abstract, the protracted ethnic conflict in Cyprus has meant that life on the island is typically framed in terms of ethnicity, putting the main communities – Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot – before all other communities and identities, including gender. As society focuses on the conflict, social and human rights issues, such as the discrimination and abuses experienced by women are often viewed as being unique to their economic standing and not reflecting Cypriot society or gender and social dynamics. Through an analysis of interviews and observations, this article contributes to current scholarship by using a holistic approach and providing an opportunity to redefine notions of community in Cyprus.

    Thomael graduated from Hunter with her MS in Urban Affairs in 2006. In 2009, she was awarded a Fulbright grant to research gender and ethnic identity in post-conflict Cyprus. She currently works at New York’s Office of Management and Budget analyzing the fiscal and policy impacts of city, state, and federal legislation on the City of New York.

    03.11.2013 | Prof. Matt Lasner’s recent book featured in Los Angeles Times

    A recent article in the LA Times, “Chronicling how U.S. condo ownership went through the roof,” praises UAP Professor Matthew Lasner’s book on multifamily housing, which describes how a complicated stew of social, economic and political factors led to the embrace of condominiums in the U.S.

    03.04.2013 | Prof. Laxmi Ramasubramanian, AICP, appointed as committee member within the Transportation Research Board

    UAP Professor Laxmi Ramasubramanian has been appointed as a member of the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Visualization in Transportation. The TRB is a division of the National Research Council (NRC).  The scope of the committee is to foster and disseminate collaborative exchange and research that enhances and promotes the usable knowledge and application of visualization methods and technologies for their potential in addressing critical transportation issues of today, as well as promoting innovative approaches to meet society’s transportation needs of the future.

    03.02.2013 | Two UAP professors weigh in on Mayor Bloomberg’s urban planning record

    Joe Viteritti, Thomas Hunter Professor of Public Policy and Chair of the Urban Affairs and Planning Department, and Mitch Korbey, adjunct instructor, are both quoted in Governing‘s recent article, Will the Next NYC Mayor Continue Bloomberg’s Urban Planning Legacy?

    03.01.2013 | Hunter UAP student is finalist in Association of American Geographers “Mashup” competition

    Aaron Fraint, a graduate student in Hunter’s Urban Planning program, has been selected as one of five finalists in the Association of American Geographers “Mashup” competition being put together in conjunction with San Diego State University. Aaron has been invited to the AAG annual meeting to present his project, “Subways in your Walkshed,” a GIS-based tool for New Yorkers to explore the subway options within their walkshed. After a period of public voting (as well as AAG panelist votes) they will announce a winner. More information regarding the public voting process coming soon! Meanwhile, check out Aaron’s competition entry and interactive map.

    02.27.2013 | Hunter UAP alum Adolfo Carrion, Jr. enters NYC mayoral race

    Adolfo Carrion, Jr., MUP ’89, has formally announced his candidacy for NYC’s upcoming mayoral race. Carrion previously served as the first director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs in the Obama administration, and as Bronx Borough President.

    02.25.2013 | UAP Professor Peter Kwong quoted in several articles on Chinese-American politics and culture

    Distinguished Professor Peter Kwong, who has written several books on Chinese Americans, was recently quoted in The New York Times and other publications on topics ranging from: the cultural implications of the “Miss Chinatown” pageant in 1960′s Philadelphia; complications surrounding John Liu’s mayoral hopes; alleged mortgage fraud by a bank primarily serving NYC’s Chinese immigrants; and the growing numbers of Chinese immigrants in East Harlem.

    01.08.2013 | John Chin, UAP Professor and Director of Urban Planning program, interviewed on WFUV about health issues in NYC’s immigrant communities

    George Bodarky of WFUV interviewed Hunter UAP Professor John Chin about his research on HIV/AIDS in Asian communities, particularly in NYC. WFUV’s Issues Tank Project explores health issues in NYC’s immigrant communities.The number of reported AIDS cases has declined among the white population in recent years, but research shows that it’s increased for Asian-Americans. You can listen to the clip here.

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