Before graduating, every planning student must participate in a two-semester studio course intended to apply skills learned in the classroom to the real world. Under the guidance of a project coordinator, student teams undertake a community-based project employing all of the same policy-driven research and development methods they will soon be expected to perform as professionals. It is the culmination of everything they have learned at Hunter.

Studio: Queens Tech

STUDIO | 2013-2014

Queens Tech

Queens Tech Studio has created a comprehensive plan to foster tech growth in western Queens. They examined existing conditions and consulted key stakeholders to develop their recommendations. Read more>>

Studio: Greening the Gap

STUDIO | 2012-2013

Greening the Gap

Working with a local environmental nonprofit, studio participants created a community-based green infrastructure and waterfront access plan for the Manhattan neighborhood of East Harlem. Read more>>

Studio: Vision Port Richmond

STUDIO | 2012-2013

Vision Port Richmond

This studio created a comprehensive vision for Port Richmond, Staten Island, which lays out a set of goals and recommendations for short- and long-term improvements in the community. Read more>>

Studio: Blue Gowanus

STUDIO | 2012-2013

Green Spaces, Blue Gowanus

Blue Gowanus researched the potential for private residential lots to capture stormwater and reduce Combined Sewer Overflow events in the toxic Gowanus Canal. Read more>>

Studio: NJ Edge

STUDIO | 2012-2013

NJ Edge

Bridging Jersey City & Hoboken through the Revitalization of the Lackawanna Center. Read more>>

Studio: Brownsville Works!

STUDIO | 2011-2012

Brownsville Works!

Brownsville Works! demonstrates that economic security must incorporate a sense of place, safety, and a quality environment to improve conditions of Ocean Hill-Brownsville. Read more>>

Studio: Where Will New Yorkers Live?

STUDIO | 2011-2012

Where Will New Yorkers Live?

With an additional one million residents projected by 2030, this studio tackles housing policy and makes innovative recommendations at how NYC might attack the issue. Read more>>

UAP Studio - Harlem African Burial Ground

STUDIO | 2011-2012

African Burial Ground

The studio provided the Harlem African Burial Ground Task Force with a plan to memorialize the burial ground and educate the public about its historical and cultural significance. Read more>>

UAP Studio - Beyond The Backlash: Equity and Participation in Bicycle Planning

STUDIO | 2010-2011

Bicycle Planning

Beyond The Backlash: Equity and Participation in Bicycle Planning recommends improvements to the planning, implementation and location of bicycle infrastructure in New York City. Read more>>

UAP Studio - Second Avenue Subway: Lessons Learned

STUDIO | 2010-2011

2nd Avenue Subway

Second Avenue Subway: Lessons Learned proposes recommendations for eight improvement areas for subsequent phases Second Avenue Subway planning and construction. Read more>>

UAP Studio - St. George Sustainable Cultural District

STUDIO | 2010-2011

Cultural District

The St. George Sustainable Cultural District plan presents a vision of St. George as a gateway for all of Staten Island, while simultaneously promoting the visibility of its creative activity. Read more>>

UAP Studio - Planning for Prevention: A Wellness Center in the Rockaways

STUDIO | 2009-2010

Wellness in the Rockaways

Planning for Prevention proposes a new wellness center in the Rockaways to address extreme health disparities. Read more>>

UAP Studio - Master Plan for West New York, NJ

STUDIO | 2009-2010

West New York, NJ

The 2010 Master Plan for West New York, NJ sets forth a plan for future growth, prioritizing programs that enhance its existing neighborhoods and central business districts. Read more>>

UAP Studio - AccessRI

STUDIO | 2008-2009


Through the lens of accessibility, AccessRI: A Blueprint for Advocacy and Action explores quality of life on Rooselevelt Island, seeking to address issues and opportunities outlined by the community. Read more>>

UAP Studio - Tree of Life: A Feasibility Study

STUDIO | 2008-2009

Tree of Life

Tree of Life explores the feasibility of constructing a thirteen-story, multi-use building, with community facilities, commercial space, and affordable housing in Jamaica, Queens. Read more>>