Master of Urban Planning

Program Overview:

The Master of Urban Planning program trains students in the art of urban planning through a carefully constructed curriculum that balances theory and on the ground experiences. Through rigorous coursework, topical workshops and a studio capstone project, students are prepared to become visionary planners in tune with diverse needs of neighborhoods, cities and regions around the globe.

Each student works closely with a faculty advisor to design a two-year curriculum plan. At the beginning of the first year, students outline their proposed curriculum plans. Students may make modifications at the end of each term, according to their changing interests. Students are encouraged to define clear academic and professional objectives. Please download the advising worksheet, which outlines the requirements listed below. Students who work full-time must have a flexible relationship with their employer so that they can take some classes during the day as most of the core courses in the planning program are offered during the day.

The MUP program is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) through December 2017. In accordance with PAB guidelines regarding access to outcomes-related information, please click here for a quick snapshot of public information regarding to our MUP program.